Re: Making squid always use a proxy

From: Dave Keller <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 20:54:10 +1100

I Wrote:
>> Is it possible to make squid ALWAYS fetch from a parent and never going
>> direct (except for local sites that is)?

At 09:49 PM 1/14/97 +1100, Tom Minchin wrote:
>Sure is. Use the 'default no-query' options in 1.1.x:
># Stuff where everything must go if all else fails
>cache_host parent 8080 0 no-query default

>Or the 'single_parent_bypass' option (turn it on). Squid will go (except
>for direct) to the single parent proxy server without ICP querying it.
>After all, you're stuffed anyway if it dies.


I've tried your recommedation, and the access log file keeps telling me that
it's a TCP_MISS and it's DIRECT/ (full entry below). I'm
currently running 1.1.2 (i'm about to compile 1.1.3)

853320268.126 9260 TCP_MISS/200 11489 GET - DIRECT/ image/gif

Any Ideas??

Thanks In Advance,
Dave Keller.

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