Problems with log analysis scripts

From: Andrew Kemp <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 12:00:59 +1100 (GMT+1100)

Greetings Squiders,

Have just returned from leave and noticed that the nightly job I run
to produce a summary of the days Squid traffic is not working :-(

The job runs and produces no errors, but the output is empty. I am running
the scripts correctly (have been doing so for 4+ months now) and was wondering
if there is a change in the new Squid 1.1+ that hasn't been added to the
scripts ?

In summary, I run the following : -h < access.log > summary < access.log >> summary < summary > report

Any ideas ? Management would like to have the summary.

Thanks in advance,


Andrew Kemp

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Computer and Network Services Fax : 61 +3 9214-8944
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