Re: Problems with log analysis scripts

From: Neil Murray <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 17:48:27 +1100

- I tried this suggestion from Neil and now the script works !! There is a
- new 'histogram' feature in the summary that I have to work out, and the
- Top 25 ICP requests section is still blank, but at least I have the majority
- of the report now. Thanks.
- Neil, could you please explain the extra '+' that you have added :
- unless (/^([\d\.]+) \S+ \S+ \[([^\]]+)\] "(\w+) ([^"]+)" (\w+) (\d+)$/)
- unless (/^([\d\.]+) \S+ \S+ \[([^\]]+)\] "(\w+) ([^"]+)"+ (\w+):\w+ (\d+)$/)
- The top line is as per the latest from I didn't
- add it to the version that I ran. Thanks.

        The extra plus handles the case where some user has a URL that ends
with a '"' in the access.log you end up with '""' causing a
        parse_common_log: Bad input, line nnnnn
to be emitted. I tried a number of improvements but in the end I backed out
most of them as not worth it and the number of 'Bad input' lines per run is
only ~100. The extra plus I left in.

        One of the reasons for swaping to squid's 'native' log format is that
pulling apart the log format is easier.

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