More problems with NOVM version

From: Miguel A.L. Paraz <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 19:34:39 -0800 (GMT+8)


I've hit the problem in the NOVM Squid version with two separate Linux
machines - one with Linux 2.0.25, the other with 1.2.13. Both are
64 MB RAM and 2.5 GB swap machines. From the looks of it the TCP
socket stops accepting connections, but does not refuse them - it just
hangs. Strangely, a USR2 signal to stimulate detailed logging output
reawakens it, but only for a while. The resulting log output is normal
though it cannot be used to trace much since these are very busy caches,
with lots of requests, and the machines have to be restarted very
quickly. :)

In the meantime I've moved them off to regular 1.1.5. I'll see if
I can replicate the problem with a test server. I'm still looking
forward to the stability of the VM edition because I'd like to have
8 GB of cache while retaining 64 MB of RAM.


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