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From: WWW Proxy <squid@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 15:14:25 -0600 (CST)

I'm EXTREMLY new to squid, (3 days. :) ) and I love it already. I've
managed to get it setup to answer requests and all that fun stuff. .. But
I've got one problem. I can't seem to get the "proxy_auth" config option
to work. Here is what it says outta the squid.conf.default about it.

# TAG: proxy_auth
# Usage: proxy_auth passwd_file [ ignore-domain ]
# 'passwd_file' is an apache-style file of passwords for
# authenticated proxy access Looks like user:password, with the
# password being standard crypt() format. Proxy authentication
# is disabled by default.
# 'ignore-domain' is a domain name for which authorization will
# *not* be required.
#proxy_auth /dev/null

Thats all fine and dandy. .. So I made a password file by using the
password generator that my apache web server came with.. 'htpasswd' to be

It generated the following password file.


(the passwd is 'beans')

Now so far, all this is looking find and dandy too.
so I add the following proxy_auth line to my config file to begin to use

proxy_auth /usr/local/squid/passwd

Then I did a killall squid, and restarted it, which gives me the following

lizard~/bin$ squid
97/01/23 15:13:26| parseConfigFile: line 25 unrecognized: 'proxy_auth

Any ideas? This is of somewhat great importance. :)

-Bill Johns

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