re; unknown error messages

From: Jim Carroll <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 22:29:54 -0500

 A little earlier this evening, someone I reported trouble with a particular
 ftp site address (I have included the original message below). Ed noticed
 I was running an older version, and suggested we upgrade to to the lastest
 version of squid and see if the problem still happened.
 Well we upgraded, and it does (of course the tag line of the error now
 reports an error message with squid-ftpget/1.1.5). I was wondering two
 1) could someone else using squid try to hit this address and see if they
 get the error ?
 2) secondly, can anyone tell me what this error message means? There is no
 error report in any of the logs, and I am stumped. Specifically, the error
 message lists what looks like an address followed by a port #. I have done
 the reverse lookup on the name, and that is not the IP address.


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