ftpget and multiple copies of the same file.

From: Goncalo Valverde <grumbler@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 11:21:19 +0100 (MET)

 I was checking the performance of our proxy, and one of the things that
slows it down almoust to an halt is when one user forces ftpget to get 3
or 4 times the same file (usualy some mammoth like Netscape Gold with all
the plugins).. This surely happens because people think that the downloads
should be instantaneous and click 3 or 4 times in the same link.
 Is there any way to make ftpget serve only one time the request to the
same user? (this is getting anoying specialy because it tends to make
squid respond very slowly to any new request)


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