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From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 00:41:03 +0000

At 01:00 01/02/97 +0100, Henny Bekker wrote:
>No.. I've applied the three patches for Squid v1.1.5, did a "make" (without
>doing a "make clean") and a make install (afther killing Squid). I didn't
>change any settings oid..

Wrong! Many changes in squid patches affect things like Makefile sources
and the configure script. Without remaking, it will still use the same
makefiles generated from the _previous_ version's Makefile sources to compile.

Considering some of the changes may involve making code conditional on
defines determined in the configure script, it is a mistake to do anything
but a "make realclean" after you've done an upgrade patch. The really
determined may also like to do an "rm config.*".

Now start again with configure, and do a make all. Is 10 minutes extra set
up time really worth a crashing squid?

Jonathan L.

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