Re: FTP program hacked to use Squid proxy

From: Richard Huveneers <>
Date: 3 Feb 1997 20:44:35 GMT

In article <5d1t7d$>, john@nlc.NET.AU (John Saunders) writes:
>Has anybody seen or heard about an FTP program, like NCFTP, hacked to do
>it's file fetches via the Squid proxy? If I don't get lucky I will probably
>have to do this myself. I have users that would like to use NCFTP in a
>shell but I would like to leverage some saving from Squid. My thoughts
>were to make NCFTP construct a URL and connect to Squid rather than do
>the regular FTP thang.

You are looking for GNU wget (command line) and pftp (interactive).

I don't have the URL's handy here, but they should show up in each search engine.

Regards, Richard.
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