Re: squid with large cache

From: Stewart Forster <>
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 09:43:21 +1100

> I am running squid v1.1.5 on Solaris 2.5.1. Cache size is 32M
> disk cache is 512M. Low and high watermarks are 75 and 90. Everything else
> is the same as in default config file.
> Machine is entreprise ultra 1000 with 256M memory and SSA attached.
> When cache reaches high watermark it takes squid about 2-5 minutes to
> do a clean up. Which is of course unacceptable. Any ideas what parameters
> I have to tweak. Many thanks.

        Had a similar problem here. Not that cleaning up was all that bad,
it's just that squid runs slower (3 times slower) while it does it. Our fix
was to set the cache's swap high and low water marks to the same figure. That
way we achieved uniform performance degradation (about 5% overall) rather than
running at full speed 90% of the time and 1/3 speed the other 10%.



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