Re: Squid native log file analyzer (comments and suggestions needed)

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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 11:20:18 +1100

Thank you for your posting and kind allowance to use your software. My
desktop computer is running Windows 95 and MS Internet Mail.
Unfortunately, all I can get from your mail is a file: att00290.dat

Can you please tell me how to extract the 5 files from this dat file? Or
is there an alternative to get the files, like from your home page?

I have checked your home pages and cannot find the answer.

Your help is appreciated.


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> From: Lars Slettjord <>
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> Subject: Squid native log file analyzer (comments and suggestions needed)
> Date: Thursday, 6 February 1997 5:50
> Hi
> This is a beta version of a log file analyzer for Squid 1.1.X. It is
> written in perl5. It analyzes about 500 lines/sec on a 166 MHz pentium
> processor running FreeBSD. I have tried to minimalize the memory used
> by the program, and it will also save data (after each day) during the
> run This is very handy when analyzing large log files.
> This package is written for UNINETT as a part of the Desire
> project. It will analyze the log file for parameters we are interested
> in. This may very well be what you want to know too, or almost what
> you are after. I'd like to have comments about this script, and I will
> try to include your suggestions as far as our project permits. I will
> be very busy for the next two days, but I'll try to answer any
> questions about this package in the few spare moments I hope to get.
> The script analyzes the log file on a daily basis. The result will be
> the same if you break the log file for one or many day(s) in several
> pieces, or if you run it on the whole log file.
> The included archive contains these 5 files:
> dbformat.txt
> Describes how the different data are stored, and what keys I use.
> A small library to load, save and print perl Hashes.
> A small library to load, save and print perl Hashes of Hashes
> of Hashes.
> A very small program for displaying Hashes of Hashes of Hashes.
> The program which analyzes native format access log files from
> Squid.
> The and may be used to easily read the analyzed data into
> other applications, and demonstrates how to traverse the data
> structures used. The program can be used to look at the
> extracted data.
> Please check if you agree on my way of counting hits, misses, ims,
> errors, deny and refresh. The code is the documentation (at the
> moment), and the lists near the start of describes
> which logtags I count as what.
> This version of the program will analyze Squid native access log files
> with no regard for the configuration of the server. By writing this I
> realized that I have to read the sibling/parent configuration of the
> server if I am going to get the numbers I need if I want to see how a
> parent/sibling performs. The numbers I get now will tell me the
> percentage of hits a sibling/parent serves compared to total accesses
> to the whole server. I want to see the percentage of hits compared to
> the total of accesses that are actually sent to the sibling/parent. To
> do this I have to read the configuration file for Squid, and check
> what domains the server will query a sibling/parent for. And these
> values may change and thereby make it impossible to analyze old logs.
> I have not made any tools for visualizing these data yet. I have an
> unfinished program that makes LARGE HTML tables of these data, but a
> graphical presentation would be far superior. If anyone wants to write
> something that visualizes these numbers, please go ahead. :-)
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