Re: Multiprocessor machines and Squid

From: Stewart Forster <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 09:57:51 +1100

> Just curious about this: If Squid is run on a multiprocessor machine will
> *Squid* recoginize and use the xx number of processors in the machine? I
> know the OS will use the processors to handle multiple OS type things, but
> will Squid itself be able to split its processes up among the multiple
> processors?

        Squid is normally is single process. I've modified squid to use threads
to take care of outstanding disk I/O, and regularly see CPU usage greater than
100% of 1 CPU on our dual cpu UltraSparc boxes (~110%). The rest of the spare
CPU time also handles all those ftpget/dnsserver procs, so we see pretty close
to 75% cpu utilisation for 2 CPU's. Mind you, the mods I've made to squid will
force it onto effective busy waits when you get above a certain connection
so CPU usage is artificially high and actually has quite a lot of spare

        I've sent the mods off to Duane about 2 weeks ago and we discussed the
possibility of including them into a later release of squid (1.2?) due to the
patches changing some of the calling conventions of certain squid procedures.
The patches will be out there soonish I presume.



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