Re: How to tune refresh_pattern and quick_abort

From: Ed Knowles <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:51:02 -0400

G'day Alan!

> I) If I use default setting of refresh_pattern
> (i.e refresh_pattern 0 20 4320), I find that some
> dynamic sites (says, and
> need to be refreshed everytime we access them.
> Hence, I change it as "refresh_pattern 60 30 4320", it gets
> better but still need to be refreshed from time to time.
> What is the correct way to set this option so as to tackle these sites?

Depends on what you call correct.

As you have it currently set, every object in the cache will be marked as fresh
for atleast an hour.

You can make a specific refresh_pattern for each of these sites, or
lobby/pester them to send valid Expires: headers will all their objects.

> II) I had set the quick_abort as
> quick_abort 10 50 500
> However, I still get the "Interrupt" messages on the web page
> when I reach some client abort web page
> Is there any way to refresh these client abort web pages so
> that the "Interrupt" messages will not be displayed?

That is from Netscape ... Squid will contiune to get the object.

> III) I found that some plain text file, says some faq part1.. partn,
> the browser pop up the save file window rather than
> displaying the text directly on the browser.
> Is ther any way to configure the squid so that it can
> diplay text file directly on the browser rather than saving
> it into file?

I guess this is related to the ftpget default Content-Type. There was much
discussion about this on the list a few weeks ago ... check the archives.


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