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Subject: "FCC Docket No 96-263"

We are writing you this to inform you of a very important matter
 currently under review by the FCC. Your local telephone company has
 filed a proposal with the FCC to impose per minute charges for your
 internet service. They contend that your usage has or will hinder
 the operation of the telephone network.

 It is our belief that internet usage will diminish if users were required
 to pay additional per minute charges. The FCC has created an email box
 your comments; responses must be received by February 13, 1997. Send
 your comments to isp@fcc.gov and tell them what you think.

 Alert everyone in your addressbook, and most importantly the subject
 line should have "CC Docket No 96-263". FULL NAME AND ADDRESS SHOULD
 ACCOMPANY THE EMAIL otherwise it will be deleted. Again, the email to FCC

 More information can be found at the FCC website:

 Please forward this email to all your friends on the internet so all our
 voices may be heard.

 Thanks for your time.

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