Retriveing ftp URLS

From: Bryan Christianson <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 14:11:30 +1300

I am running Squid 1.1.4 with a single parent of the Netscape Proxy Server
located on our corporate firewall. If I enter <> into my
browser, I get to see the expected top level directory of the ftp server.
When trying to retrieve URLs such as <> ,instead of
seing the expected sub-directory listing, I am being returned a message
from the Netscape proxy saying:


This document has moved to a new location. Please update your documents and
hotlists accordingly.

This problem is occurring on every ftp site to which I try and connect and
is not just restricted to If I bypass the Squid server, (going
directly to the firewall proxy from my browser), there is no problem at all.

I am currently running Squid 1.1.4, but I dropped back to this release from
Squid 1.1.5 where I first saw the problem.

Is this a Squid problem or is it a problem with the Netscape Proxy? The
people who maintain the firewall upgraded Netscape about 10 days ago, which
is possibly when the problem first occurred - but as I said above, if I
bypass Squid there is no problem.

Any help much appreciated.


Bryan Christianson
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BHP New Zealand Steel Ltd
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