Squid Parent and Sibling

From: Support <support@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 23:51:48 +1100

I have just upgraded to Squid v1.1.6, running on FreeBSD 2.1.6, 64MB, 2GB

Can someone tell me the difference of parents and siblings? How does Squid
handle the two differently?

After monitoring the Squid access log file for a few minutes, it seems to
me that if an object is obtained from either a parent or a sibling, my
Squid does not store the object in its cache. Thus when the same object is
requested again, the Squid will go to the parent/sibling for it, again.

Is this true? If so, can I configure my Squid to cache everything came
from all parents and siblings?

Your assistance is appreciated.


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