Unfortunate failure modes..

From: John Sloan <johns@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 11:38:27 +0000 (GMT)

If the squid cache loses a single directory (for instance
/squid/cache/05/A1) then the cache process will continue quite happily
until it tries to cache a file in that directory. This fails, and the
process continues to try to use the same cache file ad infinitum. Or so
it appears. This means that until it is fixed, you have a non-caching

Two solutions present themselves. One is for squid to recreate the
individual directory which is missing. The other is for the algorithm
which decides which file to cache to move on to the next possible whether
the write succeeds or not. The latter is less clean but would allow
partial operation until the problem could be manually fixed.

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