"ftp://user@yourmachine" vs "ftp://user@yourmachine/"

From: Oskar Pearson <oskar@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 15:43:53 +0200 (GMT)

Hi All

If you run netscape, there is a difference between the above.

The one with "/" at the end will take you to the root of the
unix filesystem, while no end-slash will take you to your home directory.

Is this right (ietf/rfc right), or is it just a netscape feature?

If you go to "ftp://user@site" in squid it logs you to your home directory
without a way to go to "/" or "/usr" or anything like that. Wrong :(

squid-1.NOVM.6 - same with other versions?

I rememver some discussion about re-writing "ftp://" addresses a while back.

Does this have to do with that?


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