cache 'log' file

From: Ian Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 15:25:50 +0000

Hi folks,

I had a rather 'interesting' experience this morning.

I shut down the cache (squid -k shutdown)- which I'm assuming writes a
new version of the 'log' file (the one in the first directory of
cache_dir) - to try 1.NOVM.6 again.

Everything appeared OK after restarting. I'd checked that the
information was being read back from the 'log' file.

Unfortunately I had to take squid back down later, only to find:

97/02/24 12:27:57| 258048 Lines read so far.
97/02/24 12:27:58| Shutting down...
97/02/24 12:27:58| storeWriteCleanLog: Not currently OK to rewrite swap log.
97/02/24 12:27:58| storeWriteCleanLog: Operation aborted.
97/02/24 12:27:58| Squid Cache (Version 1.NOVM.6): Exiting normally.

Upon restarting, I didn't see any '... Lines read so far' messages.
Looking in the 'log' file directory, I noticed a growing.
Further investigation (using the cache manager) suggested that my
cache contents had been zapped.

Have they been zapped? I still have the original 70MB 'log' file - is
there any way to use this if this happens again? Why did Squid zap
everything? What would happen in the event of a power failure?

Thanks for any information,

Ian Cooper

PS - Regaring my earlier query about degradation, it appears that the
problem is primarily concerned with swapping. Is anyone out there
handling >500000 requests per day on similar amounts of memory (128MB
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