Re: Two Squids Possible ?

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 13:02:36 +0200 (GMT)

> > I'd like to know if it is possible to have two proxy on two machines...
> > that runs together (on for production and one in backup).
> > In fact I'd like to have a rescue proxy in the case the principal fails...

> I have a better question for you:
> it is possible to have 2 or more proxys on 2 or more machines with
> the same name (or cname) and make the machines work together in
> laod sharing? It is possible to do that without a Cisco Local
Yes. If you add 2 A records for a given host, a connection to the host
will randomly select one of the machines.

This is the way that Microsoft load balances their www site:
;; ANSWERS: 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A 3732 A

Netscape on the other hand does it with some system where they rotate
"" between many hosts, while giving it a low ttl
;; ANSWERS: 593 CNAME 2628 A

They certainly have a lot of metal behind their web page...

> Director (for example working on the DNS) ?
This is different (and a LOT more expensive) The Traffic Director seems
to keep track of each and every connection going through it (it's a
bit like a firewall in those respects. It "converts" many machines on an
internal network to a single IP address, and has "current state" info
(as in "This machine on the outside, port number 3274, is connected to
internal machine, port 80)

It then re-writes the "from address" on outgoing traffic.

They can supposedly handle a million+ concurrent TCP/IP sessions, depending
on ram and config. (You had better have a very busy cache :)


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