Seperating proxying on protocol

From: Bruce Cook <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 02:25:12 +0800

I have an ISP who has created a HTTP-through-proxy-only policy, forcing
us to use his http proxy server. That same server is NOT implimenting
FTP proxying.

I need a way to get squid to use his server EVERY time for HTTP only,
and use direct access other times.

So far (only 4 hours of experimenting) I have determined that the only
way to get http proxying to forward to his proxy (Also squid BTW) is
using the inside_firewall directive. This unfortunately because of what
it implies also proxyies all other protocols.

Is there anyway of specifying the proxying path based on the protocol,
and especially forcing it to use another proxy server for all http.

Is there any complete documentation on squid.conf ?

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