Re: connection refused

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 26 Feb 1997 22:25:00 +0200

Hi *Paul*,

you wrote on 26 Feb 97 at 15:27 in "Re: connection refused":

>Normally port 3131 is used for sending cache announcements. Is that what
>you're using it for? If so, then it means you're announcing your cache to
>a host that isn't listening for cache announcements.

No, I don't use cache announcements, the second squid on this machine is
has his udp_port at 3131.
(I am running the second squid as neigbor to use my old cached data I can
not access any more because I added a bigger disk :-(

>:dont' know why. The olther neighbor IS running, and before it worked
>:The only thing that has changed is, that now two Squids are running on
>:the neighbor machine (different http und udp ports, differend cache_dir,
>:different logs).
>:97/02/26 17:43:25| comm_udp_sendto: FD 20,, port 3131: (111)
>:Connection refused


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