Strange JAVA-problem with squid 1.1.3

From: Peter Olsson <>
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 14:08:36 +0100

I can't understand the scenario below. Is there an explanation?
It's not entirely certain that this is a squid-problem, it
could be a java-problem, but it works fine without squid.

We connect to the internet via squid 1.1.3 running on FreeBSD.

Connect to "" and press "On-line Demo"
in the left margin. In the lower half of the screen appears a
blank grey square. This is not correct. If you look in the
Java Console when you try this, some errors appear.

Now connect to "" and press "On-line Demo".
The blank grey square from above has been replaced with a button
that says "Starta NetValuate". This is the correct behaviour.

The developers of NetValuate told me that they had seen this
problem before, that the proxy couldn't use DNS and that it
worked fine when using the IP-number. But squid uses DNS,
doesn't it?

Please help me understand this.

Thanks for your time!

Peter Olsson
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