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From: Steve Judge <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 22:47:03 +1000

At 06:24 PM 3/5/97 +1100, you wrote:
Thanks Brian, I've set squid to quick_abort 0 0 0 now. Its made quite a diff
to the cache. It was starting to slow down real bad! In fact i upgraded to
1.1.x just recentley after running the 1.0.x versions which i always had
quick abort turned on in them as it slowed things down to much if it wasn't.
Don't know why i didn't turn it on in the 1.1.x vers but its on now and
things are flying once again!
The modem lines are from people dialling into me, Not much control over them
i'm afraid!
>The answer is no, but don't worry too much about it (not quite right, but
>there's a tradeoff if you look under quick_abort in the squid.conf file)
>The error message means usually that a client on a modem line has requested a
>large object (greater than max_object_size, 4M by default) and then dropped
>the line silently at some stage (or else overflowed memory and frozen the
>client machine). When squid gets to max_object size in memory, it starts
>deleting behind and then finds that no one is taking the data as
>client_timeout happens. Then the object is ejected from memory and the error
>message weitten to the log. Short of getting more reliable phone lines and/or
>more memory in all your clients, you can only grin and bear it.
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