From: Richard Blanchet <Richard.Blanchet@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 23:06:04 +0100

  Runnig squid 1.1.8, I get several times a day this kind of message in my

97/03/11 11:37:08| ERR_LIFETIME_EXP: ftp://ftp.fwntug.org/iis/idxsvall-i386.exe
97/03/11 10:59:06| write_with_timeout: (32) Broken pipe
97/03/11 10:59:06| write_with_timeout: (32) Broken pipe

and the same with ERR_NO_CLIENTS_BIG_OBJ.

  For ERR_LIFETIME_EXP: I went through the doc, list, sources and stuff but all
I found out was talking about very slow transfert that expired...
But that's not! (or it doesn't seem to be...) as I did several transfers via
direct ftp for the same URLs and I had pretty good transfer duration.
  Does anyone experienced that ? Or has as a solution/explanation ?

  For ERR_NO_CLIENTS_BIG_OBJ: I went through all stuff available and it looks
like this appears when the client disappears!?... Is that correct ? And what
can make the link with the client disappear ?

  Thanks for comments,


PS: These two problems leave the cache messy... but I'll post specific mail for

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