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From: Mark Kennedy <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 16:57:30 -0500 (EST)

... i'm looking for the DEAD_PARENT hierarchy code that was floating
around v1.0 squid's a while back. it is listed in the v1.0 release
notes and i found a header file def for it in v1.0.16, but no actual
use of it there and not even a mention of it in any v1.1 source

we have a local squid configuration which uses a default parent with
no-query to get through a firewall and a secondary parent (also with
no-query) to act as a backup to the default. when the default parent
tanks (these parents are *NOT* squid instances, unfortunately), the
secondary kicks in a bit too quietly.

i wanted to tail the access log looking for DEAD_PARENT records
in order to trigger some kind of notification (beep, email, etc),
but it just doesn't seem to be used at all.

can anyone explain when (if?) DEAD_PARENT was actually used?
or suggest an alternative way to detect parent up/down transitions?

/mark kennedy
vice president, technology
union bank of switzerland
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