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From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 97 18:34:09 -0800 writes:

>Dear all,
> We are running squid v1.1.8 on a Digital AlphaServer with a
>20-MBit/sec ATM connection to the internet.. Also after installing
>the latest patches for Squid, we are seeing some fluctuation in the
>performance of Squid. I also see a large numer of redirect processes
>which are (although I increased them to 32) are all in use..
>(Redirector Statistics in the cachemgr.cgi)
>I should like to know:
>- Will a redirect process only be used (and unavaliable) when initiating
> the call to the originating Web-site or will it be unavaliable till the
> end of the originating request??
>- Are requests blocked when no redirect process is available ??
>- Is there an optimum for the number of redirect processes...

The redirector becomes busy after the request has passed
the access control checks. It becomes available as soon as
it finishes writing back the answer. It does not stay busy
until the transfer completes.

When all redirectors are busy, additional requests are queued up,
so yes, they block.

I would think that 32 is plenty. Maybe you need to make sure
your redirectors are not doing any buffering of input or output?

Duane W.
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