Re: squid doc's ver 0.3

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 97 11:47:10 +0100

On Monday 17 March 97, at 17 h 30, the keyboard of Oskar Pearson
<> wrote:

> The Squid Users' Guide ver 0.3 is out, I did a moderate amount of work
> on it over the weekend. Currently outstanding (among others) are:
> very tiny config file
> medium config file, with some sort of reasonable defaults and info as to
> what they should be set to.

I disagree with the small config file <
onf.txt> presented as it allows anyone in the world to use your cache,
either to steal bandwidth from you or to use you as an anonymizer.

Because of a bug in Squid 1.0, we recently discovered (when switching to
1.1) that several Internet access providers configured their customer's
clients to use our cache because we have more bandwidth than they have!

I prefer the way it is described in QUICKSTART: minimum access control.
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