Question about the CACHE_STOPLIST_PATTERN option...

From: Anthony Rabaey <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 09:52:38 -0800

Hye all Squid users,

I would like to disable the caching of all the domain names that are stored on our 2 web

Looking at the SQUID.CONF file I presume the only options available are the
'cache_stoplist' and 'cache_stoplist_pattern'.

First question :-) Is it possible to realy tell squid to not fetch the httpd objects of
a few domain names so that he even doesn't use ressources of the machine ?
I know that it's possible to configure the web browsers (Netscape, IExplorer,..) to not
use the proxy for some adresses... but I don't want to use these system because we
manage more than 50 doamin names :-(

Second question :-))) If it's the 'cache_stoplist_pattern' option that I need to use...
could someone give me an example.

Thanks, Anthony.

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