Re: Wrong Pics coming up

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 97 12:07:57 +0100

On Friday 21 March 97, at 10 h 51, the keyboard of "Ben Cornish"
<> wrote:

> I am running squid 1.1.0 and just recently i have complaints from the cache
> users saying that not the right picture is coming up from cached sites.

I've seen such a behavior with the following combination: Netscape
Navigator (may be version 1 only) and Squid. If you do not use both,
you're fine. Cleaning the Netscape disk cache (slower than Squid, in any
case, if you're on the same LAN) solves the problem. ("Cache and Network"
: "Clean disk cache now")

I suspect a bug in Netscape's cache, interacting badly with Squid (if
Netscape has no proxy, it works).
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