Re: HELP! How should I change squid.conf for two cache_dir?

From: Stefan Monnier <>
Date: 25 Mar 1997 21:58:13 -0500

Stefan Monnier <> writes:
> Mark Visser <> writes:
> > I had this problem also back in january. It's on the todolist of Squid
> > makers to make multiple cachedirs possible WITH differentsizes.
> Sounds like wasted time to me, now that all unixes (that I know of) offer
> partition concatenation/striping.

[Someone explained me that one of the uses of multiple caches is to
increase the depth of the search tree used to find files (thereby reducing
its breadth):]

I totally understand the problem of large directories (even though this is
really an FS problem arguably due to SysV and BSD both using linear searches in
directories. With something like SGI's XFS using some kind of btree it should
be less of a problem), but then:
why not go for 3 swap levels instead of 2 ?
why was it possible to go from 1 to 2 but not from 2 to 3 ?
Don't tell me that it's a question of "matching the
slash character" because this is just stupid (especially since it can be solved
by deciding that "cache_dir" is now "cache_prefix" so that you won't use
/cache/<xx>/<xx>/<xxxxxxxx> but /cache<xx>/<xx>/<xxxxxxxx>).
It really seems like the wrong way to solve the problem. Also what about
clustering files into bunches (let's say something like DB files) ?
This would no only reduce the problem since DB files are not linearily
searched, but it would also tremendously reduce the inode requirements.
Seems a lot more useful to me than multiple cache_dir of varying sizes.

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