Re: dnsserver problems

From: ricky <>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 12:03:16 +0100

At 2:43 PM +0400 4/1/97, Serge Krashakov wrote:
>Ricky Chan <> wrote:
>> The squid server works fine no problem... but fails on DNS test so I
>> disabled these tests, and everything starts up fine. BUT I can not gain
>> access to any
>> web pages using the cache if I specify the address (eg.
>> but works fine with IP number (eg
>Try to use some local IP address (of local DNS server) in the DNS test.

I have done this and the tests give a error if a name (eg
is given but not the corresponding ip address (
same for non local, actually any address gives the same result.

nslookup does not fail for either...

so I am baffled by the problem....

>Serge Krashakov,
>FREEnet webcache manager

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