Re: dnsserver problems

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 97 08:40:53 -0800 writes:

>The squid server works fine no problem... but fails on DNS test so I
>disabled these tests, and everything starts up fine. BUT I can not gain
>access to any
>web pages using the cache if I specify the address (eg.
>but works fine with IP number (eg
>SO I looked at the errors generated and they all stem from dnsserver which
>only likes IP numbers as input and not registered InterNic domain names.
>Is this a design feature???
>Any one had similar problem???
>Changes to the host system: upgrade from FreeBSD 2.2 to FreeBSD 2.2.1
>So this could be a problem but none that are obvious as ping/nslookup, etc
>works as usual and I seem to have no other network problem.

Maybe you should recompile Squid under the new operating system; link it
with the new libraries...

Duane W.
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