Re: Like to go without -g

From: Assar Westerlund <>
Date: 05 Apr 1997 02:02:34 +0200

Kyle VanderBeek <> writes:
> During compilation of squid, I noticed that it includes the -g flag for
> gcc. As far as I know, on all platforms that includes debugging code for
> GDB. One of the results is a much larger binary, which I don't like and
> would like to eliminate on my production server. Related to this I'd like
> to have the following questions answered:

Keep in mind that on all reasonable systems debugging information
takes space on disk and not in RAM.

> Is there a good reason to include -g that I am overlooking?

If the program fails and you want to do any kind of debugging on the

> Is there an easy way to tell the configure script not to include it or do
> I have to keep going through Makefiles and removing it after the fact?

make AC_CFLAGS='-Wall -O2' LDFLAGS=''


CFLAGS='-Wall -O2' LDFLAGS=' ' configure

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