Re: Squid parameters

From: Adam Nelson <>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 21:05:56 +1000

>Hi Anyone know what all the xtra params are for squid 1.1.8

>In Particular
>squid -sY

Run squid -h to get help. Here's what you'll see ...

Usage: squid [-hsvzCDFRUVY] [-f config-file] [-[au] port] [-k signal]
       -a port Specify ASCII port number (default: 3128).
       -f file Use given config-file instead of
       -h Print help message.
       -i Disable IP caching.
       -k reconfigure|rotate|shutdown|interrupt|kill|debug|check
                 Send signal to running copy and exit.
       -s Enable logging to syslog.
       -u port Specify ICP port number (default: 3130), disable with 0.
       -v Print version.
       -z Zap disk storage -- deletes all objects in disk cache.
       -C Do not catch fatal signals.
       -D Disable initial DNS tests.
       -F Foreground fast store rebuild.
       -R Do not set REUSEADDR on port.
       -U Unlink expired objects on reload.
       -V Virtual host httpd-accelerator.
       -Y Only return UDP_HIT or UDP_MISS_NOFETCH during fast reload.

Regards, Adam.

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