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From: Diva Duarte Neves <diva@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 08:26:48 +0100 (PST)

Dear friends:

We have an hierarchical structure of caching proxies, running
SQUID-1.1.9 and using several traffic priorities to access international
sites. The top caching servers have the highest priority and the others
have the lower. The reason to adopt the policy is to force the central
proxies and the complete congestion of internacional links. Our problem
is the following:

 Frequently, the servers on the second level or under of the structure
 try to connect remote sites DIRECTLY, despite we have already defined
 that primary server should be used as PASSTHROUGH_PROXY and defined
 null values to HIERARCHY_STOPLIST. As I see on the documentation
 included on the configuration file, the passthrough_proxy server is the
 "the name of a 'cache_host' listed above, or a hostname and port number
 where all non-GET (i.e. POST, PUT) requests should be forwarded to."

 In any situations, we cannot support DIRECTLY connections to remote
 sites from servers located on the second level of the structure,
 because they have a potential probability to reach TIMEOUTs.

How to force that all requests must go to the primary level servers, in
any situations?

Could anyone help me on this subject?
Any help we be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Diva Duarte Neves
Centro de Informatica * Universidade de Aveiro
Phone: +351.34.370345     Fax: +351.34.370214     E-Mail: diva@ci.ua.pt
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