Re: Lost 450M disk cache

From: Mark Treacy <>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 01:01:46 +1000

Hi Ed,
> as reference. I saw a neat new value in 1.1.9 that I put in 1.1.8
> without contemplating that it might not work.
> reference_age 1 year
Ok, I think I understand what has happened. This line, in 1.1.8, is
interpreted as simply 1, the unit for reference age in 1.1.8 was
minutes, so the reference age variable will have a value of 60 seconds.
1.1.8 doesn't interpret time keywords like year, day, etc (1.1.9 does for
this parameter).
For 1.1.8 a zero reference age (the default) enabled the dynamic reference
age calculation between 60 seconds and 1 year, a non zero value is used
as a fixed value for reference age. So in this case, it would have
stayed fixed at 60 seconds.
storeMaintainSwap() will have found that most objects hadn't been referenced
in that time. storeMaintainSwap() after completing it's full 24 hour sweep
had deleted almost everything.
>> I think I have lived too long in Mexico and need
>> reading classes. The LRU Ex. Age is 0.0 on 1.1.8 and
It's a pretty obscure change, I certainly don't think you should be

 - Mark.
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