Re: Netscape parent & redundancy

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 97 08:38:53 -0700 writes:

>I got these questions:
>a. Is it possible to have a netscape proxy as a parent? I don't know much
> about netscape, but it is said to not support ICP-queries.
>b. As far as I understand squid asks it's parent whether it's got a certain
> object or whether it should go fetch it itself. When telling squid it sits
> behind a firewall it always uses the parent to get objects, like putting
> the 'slave'-option into /etc/named.boot. I am not behind a firewall, but
> I want squid to be in 'slave-mode'. What happens if I set the firewall-
> options and my parent fails, will squid fall back to get objects directly,
> or will it fail? Is this realisable with the mentioned netscape parent?

You cannot use the firewall configuration and still have Squid fetch
directly. You should be using a recent version of Squid (1.1.8 or
later) and try:

    cache_host foo parent 8080 7 no-query default

If your parent goes down, one user would get a "connection failed"
message, then all other requests will go direct. When Squid finds
that it can again make TCP connections to the parent, it will
stop going direct.

Duane W.
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