Squid shutdown ...

From: Dmitry Al. <dimitry-al@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 13:06:44 +0300

Hi people.

I till now can not correct my problems with squid :(

I installed different versions - 1.1.8 1.1.6 and 1.1.9. Result same.
The system successfully will start, it is normal work, but a bit later
writes in cache.log " FATAL: Received Segment Violation...dying " also
produces core dump by the size in 50 MB. And it repeats irrespective of
version squid.

I think, what it is problems in my system (UnixWare 2.1) but in what?
I shall be glad to any ideas.

	Best rgds,		Dimitry
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