squid analysis scripts

From: Leo David <ldavid@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 18:15:08 -0800 (GMT+8)


i am having some problems regarding your squid analysis scripts.
please HELP!

$ access-extract.pl < ../../logs/apr11/access.log.apr11 > summary
./access-extract.pl: =: command not found
./access-extract.pl: syntax error near unexpected token `split(''
./access-extract.pl: ./access-extract.pl: line 11: `@F = split('/', $me); pop @F;'
i got this message after i have edited the first line in your scripts to 
the path of my perl (perl5.003) which is from
to 	/usr/bin/perl
any hints?
Leo David
E-mail: ldavid@ph.net
Received on Fri Apr 11 1997 - 03:22:17 MDT

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