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Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:04:46 +1200

On Wed, Apr 16, 1997 at 07:08:36AM -0800, Michael J. Maravillo wrote:
> Yes, it would surely work for the DNS. But the problem with this is that:
> - what if one of the proxies is down? and...
> - the client checks for the address of "proxy" and gets the ip
> address of the dead one?

Yup - dual DNS records are more of a load-sharing solution than a redundancy
one. To provide redundancy, you require a patched DNS that checks the
availability (and load?) of the hosts, and only provides DNS entries for the
ones that are available. I have trialed such a patch to named-4.9.xx in the
past (sorry, too long ago to remember) and it was too flakey for me to go
with - but certainly worked in principle...

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