Re: Accelerator Cache as a Parent Cache?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 09:45:04 -0700 writes:

>I wrote a few weeks ago, yet no replies. I have now have a few questions tha=
>might be easier for one of you to answer.
>My objective is to use a Squid cache as a front end for two web servers that=
>have identical content. Ideally Squid would act kind of like a load balancer=
>between the two systems. At this point though one of the systems though is
>more powerful, so I wanted it to be favored.
>After reading all the Squid docs I have seen that there are hooks for a
>redirector program. I imagine if I were really good at Pearl programming and=
>knew how to extract ICMP data from the "Network Probe Database" I could writ=
>a redirector that might rewrite URLs to the fastest responding system, yet
>unfortunately I'm not a Pearl guy, and the info I have on the "Network Probe=
>Database" is pretty limited. If anyone can supply some help here, it would b=

You won't have access to the NETDB from the redirector. I don't think it
would help anyway.

>The Squid.conf file has the "Neighbor Selection Algorithm" which allows you =
>"weight" parents. My first question, is that if you have 2 parents defined,
>one with a heavier weight, if the heavy weight parent does not end up
>responding does Squid then forward the request to the parent with the lower


>Next question, can the parent caches be HTTP Accelerator caches? So what I'm=
>getting at is this, a request comes into the Squid cache and misses. Squid
>thenforwards the request to the heavy weight parent. The heavy weight parent=
>doesnot have the object cached, so it then forwards the request to the HTTP
>server it is configured to "accelerate" for.

That would work, but sure seems like a huge hassle.

Why not just have one Squid as the accelerator and put your two
HTTPD's under a single DNS name with two addresses. Squid will
round-robin between them. (squid-1.1.x anyway).

Duane W.
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