Re: Multiple hosts defined for Accelerator???

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Hi So,
Thanks for the reply!
If I understand you correctly, you only need to add the one TAG;
httpd_accel virtual 81 ?
I would assume that this means that any HTTP request that comes into port 80
(the port Squid is listening to) will automatically be forwarded to the http
server regardless of the hostname or ip address? It will then be the
responsibility of the HTTP server to decide if it serves for that address/URL?
I would assume then that no matter how many virtual hosts your webs server is
supporting you would only need the single TAG that covers all your virtual
hosts? Or one per virtual host you are supporting?
Thanks again!

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attached mail follows:

According to TBRIGLIA.US.ORACLE.COM's mail...
> Hello,
> A quick question. I just implemented 2 additional Virtual Hosts on my system
> that is running a Squid accelerator.
> I would like to add these two hosts to the accelerator options. There is a
> comment though in the squid.conf file that says "If you want virtual host
> support then specify the hostname as "virtual". Does anyone know what this
> means?
> My original squid.conf file had the one line;
> httpd_accel 81
> To add virtual host support for the other two virtual interfaces, would I just
> add additional lines like;
> httpd_accel 81
> httpd_accel 81
> httpd_accel 81
> Do I need to specify them as "virtual" like the conf file says? What is the
> syntax to do this??

I have not tried it but it probably works. Correct me if I'm wrong:

httpd_accel virtual 81

There is an assumption that the virtual hosting is based on different ip

By the way, it is possible to use httpd_accel_uses_host_header plus
redirector to perform virtual hosting based on Host MIME header.
However, it's still a good idea if we can configure using multiple
httpd_accel lines like the following in the future:

httpd_accel 80
httpd_accel 81

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