Re: How to config WS-ftp (or other ftp) for Squid

From: Gregory Borodiansky <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 20:12:27 +0300 wrote:
> Hmm... How does Netscape access ftp sites then?

Netscape(as well as MSIE) knows how to request via cache-proxy, while
"conventional" FTP client, f.e. WS-FTP, does not.

> > It could in theory be done by writing an ftp proxy which builds ftp
> > requests into http requests, but that is serious work.

Not that "serious". The half of the job is already done.
Look at(extract from Squid's page):
" is a program
used in conjunction with the Linux Transparent Proxy networking feature,
and ipfwadm, to transparently proxy HTTP and other requests.
Transproxy is written by John Saunders <> "
All You have to do is to force your router to reflect FTP requests(port
21) to a host running tproxyd(or use a firewall to do that) - that's
easy. Also You need to modify tproxyd to accept, rewrite and forward FTP
requests(transformed into HTTP) to the Squid(or any other cache proxy) -
not a complex job too.
Btw, looking for a while on the "stream" of questions about FTP-proxing,
I think, someone could have it done already. Hey, is anyone there?

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