Re: help needed: non-icp parent proxy

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 10:39:33 -0700 writes:

>squid version 1.1.10
>Our ISP offers a caching proxy for requests outside Finland (.fi). So it
>means that when we set up a local proxy, it should fetch stuff from
>Finnish hosts directly and everything else through ISP proxy which is
> at port 8080 (running Netscape Proxy 2.52).
>How should this be configured? I tried the following:
>icp_port 0=09=09(disable icp requests)
>cache_host parent 8080 7 default
>cache_host_domain !.fi
>It still fetches everything directly and nothing through
> What did I miss?

Try taking out the 'default'.

Duane W.
Received on Mon Apr 28 1997 - 10:54:04 MDT

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