Re: URL_REGEX case insensitive?

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 23:10:04 PDT

>> Want to do something like:
>> acl SEXLINK url_regex -nocase xxx
>it's a regex so you should be able to do:
>acl SEXLINK url_regex [Xx][Xx][Xx]
>note, this wont work. sure, it'll block out sites with XXX in the URL
>but it wont block out all the porno sites. it will also block out
>sites which have nothing to do with porn but which happen to have
>'xxx' in the url.
>blocking out all porno sites is essentially impossible. unless you want
>to spend about 48 hours per day keeping track of every new site on the net
>you just cant do it.

<downloading of domain list and blocking over 5000 sites>

>it's ultimately a futile exercise.

And it slows down the server substantially, I dare say

I started on the treacherous road of blocking sites, and
eventually gave up, as there were just too many. I found a
better solution was to use proxy authentication once I noted
porn sites showing up in the logs. People came in one morning
to find they needed a password to use the proxy, and some of
them discovered that their password didn't work. When they came
to find out, I asked them if they'd been to any sites not
related to research and/or coursework. Funny how most of them
went real quiet :-) Anyway, once the word got around that I
do read the log files and could tell who was going where, the
adult sites started dropping out of the logs. It seems people
would rather keep their accounts.

You may not be able to do this, depending on the amount of
security, etc, you have at your site. We have only one machine
that can talk to the internet, so it's easy here. What you may
also like to consider is blocking sites like persiankitty, so
while they can still visit adult sites, it becomes a little
harder to find them (although not much)

Duncan Anker
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