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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 12:52:18 +0200

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> writes:
>>In the part of miscellaneous, in the dns test,after the dns test is
>>complete, and the squid it`s running normaly, if the first nameserver that
>>is succesfully looked up, go down, the squid take the second nameserver??,
>>or fail the dnslookup?
>Squid uses gethostbyname(3) to resolve hostnames. So its really
>up to your resolver library (gethostbyname and friends) to try
>the second nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf. And I'm sure it will.
                                             ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^

I don't think so. I've a lot of experience with DNS, from X-emulations,
Windows NT, NFS access, remote boot etc. BUT all grab the first ns the find
and when this ns dies, the wait till they are dead (aka enormous
timeouts!). Never seen a failover to a second.
The second ns will only be used when the first is dead when the app come up!


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