Advice on Setup wanted

From: Terry Wood <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 18:16:48 +1000

Greetings People,

At home i am using a 2.0.29 RedHat 4.1 linux installation with Squid 1.1.9
and i am extreamly happy with its performance.

I have been asked for my advice on setting up something similar at my place
of work and i thought i would ask people here for some opinions.

The machine i would be setting up would sit on the local LAN at work, and
would be accessing the internet through a firewall out to the internet and
not pointing to any parent proxy servers at all (Their provider does not
offer one! Believe that!). This machine could service any number of users
from 20 to 400 depending on management decisions on who can access the WWW.

I am thinking of the following setup:

Pentium 133/150/166/200
32mb Ram
RedHat Linux v4.1 (kernal 2.0.29 or later) (Im happy with RH4.1 so ill use it)

This machine will be doing NOTHING other then caching and proxying of web
data, no mail or anything else.

Opinions on what size machine would be appreciated also.

Security is a MAJOR issue to the management people at work and also the
restriction abilities of squid to block access to machines/users.

Now i know how to manage the ACL lists so i dont think restrictions will be
a concern.. I would like to hear others opinions on setting up this squid
box behind the firewall & extra security though if anyone would care to
take the time.

Any information would be appreciated.

Catch ya,
          Woody <>

Terry J. Wood,
Located at Traralgon, Gippsland
Country Victoria, Australia
Received on Thu May 01 1997 - 01:25:48 MDT

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