SSL setup ?

From: Tomokazu Yaguchi <>
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 23:30:33 -0400


I am trying to set up squid-1.1.10 on my solaris2.5.1 in
the following environment. I could somehow compile the squid and
install it without any problems. I could even initiate squid
by excreting RunCache script, and use the squid proxy to get
access to unsecure & secure(ssl) webs on the net from within
the same segment where proxy resides. Then, the problem arises
when I try to access to secure(ssl) webs from the behind of
FreeBSD router, whereas accessing to unsecure(non-ssl) webs does
not give me any problems.

I have checked FAQ to find some clues as to what's going on, but
could not have found any info that help me out of where I got
stuck. Could someone please give me some advices on this ??

Here is simple network configuration and squid config file.

1) Network

                    |(2)|PC Win95 Netscape
    ---- | ----
    | |-----------------------| |----------------
    ---- | ---- |
  Internet | FreeBSD |
  connected ----- ----
   router |(3)|Sun Solaris |(1)| PC Win95
                ----- ----
                Squid Netscape
    a) Access from PC(2) are good for both unsecure&secure
        (ssl) webs through squid running on Sun(3).

    b) Access from PC(1) is good for unsecure web through
        squid running on Sun(3), but for not secure web.

2) squid configuration

* Is there any special setup for ssl that I have to do?

http_port 8080
icp_port 0
cache_stoplist ? cgi
hierarchy_stoplist ? cgi
cache_mem 8
cache_mem_high 95
cache_mem_low 75
cache_swap 200
cache_swap_high 95
cache_swap_low 88
cache_dir /usr/local/squid/cache
cache_access_log /usr/local/squid/access.log
cache_log /usr/local/squid/cache.log
acl manager proto cache_object
acl localhost src
acl all src
http_access deny manager !localhost
http_access allow all
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