cachemgr - improvement?

From: Ross Wheeler <>
Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 22:38:00 +1000 (EST)

  excuse me if this has been raised before, but I don't remember seeing
it mentioned anywhere.

Given that everyone I know or have talked to about squid is more
concerned about bandwidth and byte counts, is it possible or practical
that changed be made to reflect "Hit Rate" as a percentage of BYTES
rather than percentage of HITS?

For instance, I've now been running stats on bytes-to and bytes-from my
proxy, and found it's more than 12% in error *on volume* (which is all
I'm interested in). Really, who gives a damn if 50% of all FILES
requested were in the cache, if the other 50% that missed were all
megabyte files?

I know, there are scripts there to do this analysis, but for my money,
cachemgr is a nice, tidy, quick, convenient way to keep an eye on several
proxy machines without all the mucking about. The accountants only want
to see the justification for a server, and it's easy to say from the
stats "55% hit on 50Gb of transfer = $xxx". Presto, justification.

If the 55% happened to be all 3Kb thumbnail images, and the other 45% of
misses were the 800Kb photos, things are decidedly worse!

So, without knowing what's involved, what's the opinion on this? Is there
some fundamental reasoning I'm missing? I suppose, statistically, over a
large enough sample, the two percentages will converge, but I'd
personally like to see it the other way, and those I've spoken with
about it agree.

Regards, RossW
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